I am an agent of change. A facilitator and strategic thinker, who seeks and recognises opportunity. I believe that part of my purpose is to drive change and innovation in various industries throughout Africa.

Having been blessed with a diverse set of skills and many colourful experiences. I believe in recognising and nurturing the leader in everyone, especially the self. Important components of leadership are encouraging education, but also mentorship, embracing the “Each 1, Teach 1” philosophy. Collaboration is key.

My vision is simple, to unify the continent through what I believe is one of its greatest riches, music, entertainment and culture. The next step is to be a top 5 exporter of this natural wealth to the rest of the world. A colourful story, told to a rhythm by a colourful people from a bright continent, long believed and rumoured to be dark.

My journey thus far has taught me to seek opportunity in every circumstance, be visionary, think laterally, be humble and respectful but firm when needed. One must always be accountable. I always seek to get the job done with integrity. The projects and opportunities which resonate most with me are the ones which affect true positive change by having innovation, longevity and sustainability at their foundation.

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